PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel Supplier

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel

The tire surface of the PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel can be made of ordinary PVC material or high-end TPE material. TPE material usually has better wear resistance and quietness. The wheels adopt a universal wheel design, which is suitable for various scenarios. Pushing and pulling are smooth and not easy to get stuck, which improves the user experience. There are 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels, equipped with PP lining, which enhances the strength and stability of the wheel shell, and the reinforced version is stronger.

Product Parameter

1. PP plastic wheel shell.
2. The tire surface can be made of ordinary PVC material or high-end TPE material.
3. Universal wheel, suitable for various scenarios, smooth, and without lag.
4. The surface of the wheel shell can be optionally equipped with silver-painted decorative strips.
5. 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels, with PP lining, the reinforced version is stronger.
6. Suitable for cloth trolley suitcases.
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Jiaxing Sport Hardware & Machinary Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Sport Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd is famous PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel supplier and China PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel manufacturing company which was established in 2003. It is located in Xinfeng town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, between Shanghai、Hangzhou、Suzhou、Ningbo, traffic is very convenient. The factory area is more than 13000m². It has an automatic injection molding machine、puching machine、cut machine、punch machine、3D printer、luggage testing machine for trolleys 、 wheels etc. Advanced equipment and a high-quality management system strongly guarantee your product quality! We had passed the ISO9000 quality management system.

Main of our products: ABS/PC、Aluminum alloy、EVA luggage trolley、wheel、handle etc. We have several product patents and independent brands. We can provide professional product customization, design, and production for customers. we mainly just do OEM/ODM and wholesale PP plastic wheel shell luggage wheel, we develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

We adhere to the sincere、quality-oriented、mutually beneficial cooperation concept, for domestic and foreign luggage enterprises to provide quality products. Sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate and cooperate.

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Luggage Wheels Industry knowledge
What should I do if my luggage wheels are worn and damaged?
When luggage wheels become worn or damaged, there are several solutions to consider:
If the wheels show only minor wear or damage, you can try to repair them instead of replacing them right away. Repairs include using glue or glue and patches to repair cracks or tears, or using pliers to adjust the position of the wheel to ensure proper rotation.
If the wheel is beyond repair or is severely damaged, you may consider replacing the affected wheel parts. Many luggage brands offer replacement parts and you can contact them to purchase new wheels or wheel assemblies.
Some repair centers offer luggage repair services, including wheel replacement. You can bring your damaged luggage to these centers and have professional technicians repair or replace it for you.
If you have certain technical skills, you can also replace the suitcase wheels yourself. Purchase replacement wheels that fit your luggage and follow the instructions or video tutorial provided by the manufacturer to replace them.
If the wheels of your suitcase are severely damaged or the suitcase itself is old, you may want to consider purchasing a new suitcase to replace it.
What conveniences do luggage wheels bring?
Luggage wheels bring a lot of convenience, especially for travelers. Here are some of the conveniences brought by luggage wheels:
Luggage wheels make carrying luggage easier. Travelers do not need to struggle to carry heavy luggage, but can gently push or pull the luggage to move it.
Luggage wheels make the luggage more comfortable to move on various surfaces. Whether on the smooth floor of an airport, the asphalt of a street, or the carpet of a hotel, wheels provide a stable and smooth mobility experience.
Using luggage wheels can free your hands, allowing travelers to easily carry other items or operate mobile phones and other devices.
Compared with carrying a suitcase, using wheels can save travelers energy, especially on long journeys or when frequent changes of transportation are required.
Some suitcases are equipped with multi-directional rotating wheels, making the suitcase more flexible. This design allows the suitcase to easily turn corners, move through crowds, or maneuver in crowded venues.
Since it can be moved quickly, wheeled luggage can save travelers time in airports, train stations, etc.
Luggage without wheels requires shoulder or hand carry, which can cause stress on the back and shoulders. Wheeled luggage reduces this stress.
The wheels reduce the direct friction between the bottom of the suitcase and the ground, thereby extending the life of the suitcase.
Some luggage wheels are designed to serve other functions, such as serving as additional storage space or as support legs for the luggage.

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